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PhD students funded within the framework of the LabEx MitoCross

PhD students funded within the framework of the LabEx MitoCross

  • Nicolas Chevigny (team 4): 2015-2018
    "Functions of an Arabidopsis homologue of the bacterial Transcription-Repair Coupling Factor (TRCF) in the repair and stability of the plant organellar genomes"

  • Elena Ligia Gonzalez Serrano (team 6): 2015-2018
    "Human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase: structure, function, evolution and connections to mitochondrial disorders"

  • Daphné Laporte (team 2): 2012-2015
    "Interactome et transcriptome d’un nouveau facteur de transcription contrôlant l’expression synchrone des sous-unités du complexe III de la chaîne respiratoire et la production de ROS chez la levure"
  • Cyril Megel (team 3): 2012-2015
    "Development of a strategy based on RNA import and on small non-coding RNA biogenesis to study mitochondrial translation"
  • Clémentine Wallet (team 4): 2012-2015
    " Homologous recombination in mitochondria: mechanisms and biotechnological perspectives "
  • Loukmane Karim (team 6): 2012-2016
    "Sub-mitochondrial organization of human aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and connections to mitochondrial disorders"
  • Gowher Ali (team 1): 2013
    "Characterization of proteins involved in RNA targeting into human mitochondria"
  • Ayoub Bouchoucha (team 5): 2013-2016
    "Protein interaction network of the protein-only RNase P PRORP1 in Arabidopsis mitochondria"

Post Doc supported by Mitocross

Audrey Vingadassalon, team 3

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