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2017 Mitocross Winter School

The 2017 Winter school entitled “Mitochondria at the crossroad” will take place in Strasbourg on Friday December 8th, at Léon Hirth Conference room, IBMP, Strasbourg.

This winter school is proposed under the joined tutelage of the “Ecole Doctoral des Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé” and of the Strasbourg University; It is organized by members of the MitoCross consortium composed of six laboratories based in Strasbourg-Esplanade and working on various aspects of mitochondrial research, encompassing different models (yeast, plants, human) and different approaches (structural, biophysical, biochemical, functional and biomedical).  

The program of education will include 

  • 4 plenary lectures given by renowned invited speakers, Z. Chrzanowska-Lightowlers (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK), R.N. Lightowlers (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK), H. Mireau (INRA, Versailles, France) and A. Rötig (Hôpital Necker, Paris, France)
  • 6 conferences from researchers from the MitoCross consortium,
  • short talks by invited external young researchers and PhD students

Program Winter School 2017

9h00  Ivan Tarassov (MitoCross, Strasbourg): Welcome word

9h10  Agnès Rötig (IMAGINE, Hôpital Necker, Paris, France)
How anomalies of mechanisms as different as mitochondrial CoA synthesis, Fe-S cluster assembly, phospholipid remodeling or endosome recycling result in abnormal iron homeostasis?

9h45  Anna Smirnova (MitoCross, GMGM, Strasbourg)
Landscaping of the human mitochondrial RNome by CoLoC-seq and super-resolution microscopy

10h00 Gaétan Bader  (MitoCross, GMGM, Strasbourg)
Engineering of a Split-GFP of dual genetic inheritance for the study of cytosolic proteins relocating to mitochondria

10h15 Anne Friedrich (GMGM, Strasbourg)
Yeast mitochondrial population genomics

10h30 Coffee break

11h00 Robert N. Lightowlers (Newcastle University, UK)
Translation in human mitochondria

11h35 Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers (Newcastle University, UK)
Human mitoribosomes – their idiosyncrasies in structure and behaviour

12h10 Elena Gonzalez-Serrano (MitoCross, ARN, Strasbourg)
New insights in mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and human diseases

12h25 Dhruv Gohel (University of Baroda, India)
hsa-miR-4485, a mitomiR,   regulates mitochondrial RNA processing and function

12h40 Lunch-buffet

14h00 Hakim Mireau (INRA, Versailles, France)
Functional diversity among organellar ribosomal-like proteins in Arabidopsis

14h35 Audrey Vingadassalon (MitoCross, IBMP, Strasbourg)
Targeting of cytosolic mRNAs to the mitochondrial surface: upstream uAUGs in 5’UTR reduce mitochondrial association and translation

14h50 Arnaud Fertet (MitoCross, IBMP, Strasbourg)
Creating GMO-free plant genetic diversity: Recombination-based engineering of the mitochondrial genome

15h05 Anthony Gobert (MitoCross, IBMP, Strasbourg)
Diversity of NYN nucleases in Arabidopsis

15h20 Olivier Griso (IGBMC, Strasbourg)
Uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuropathology of Freidreich’s Ataxia

15h35 Séverine Bär (GMGM, Strasbourg)
Newly identified mutations in the lysyl-tRNA-synthetase lead to a neuropathy

15h50 Ivan Tarassov (MitoCross, Strasbourg): Concluding word

16h40 Coffee break


16h30  MitoCross SAB meeting (MitoCross team leaders, members of the SAB and UNISTRA representatives)

18h30 Closure – SAB debriefing

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