8:15-8:55           Registration - Palais de la Musique et des congrès

8:55-9:00           I. Tarassov- Welcome word and introduction to the MitoCross Consortium

9:00-10:30     Session I > Mitochondrial architecture, dynamics and interactions

9:00-9:25            N. Pfanner (Freiburg, Germany)
                           Biogenesis and architecture of mitochondria
9:25-9:50            H. Spelbrink (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
                           Nucleoid associated proteins: a toolbox for mtDNA maintenance and gene expression
9:50-10:30           Selected talks , 10 min each
                            S. Bannwarth
(Nice, France)
                           CHCHD10 mutations promote loss of mitochondrial cristae with defects in mitochondrial
                           genome maintenance and apoptosis
                           G. Lenaers
(Angers, France)
                           Link between mitochondrial structure and RGC axon myelination status
C. Wallet (Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
A RecG-like DNA helicase is required for the segregation of the Arabidopsis mtDNA

                            F. Stavru
 (Paris, France)
                           Atypical mitochondrial fragmentation induced by Listeria infection

10:30-11:00        COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30    Session II > Mitochondrial biogenesis and protein complexes

11:00-11:25          M. Gray (Halifax, Canada)
                            Properties and evolution of a mitochondria tRNA editing system
11:25-11:50          J.C. Martinou (Geneva, Switzerland)
                            Structure and function of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier
11:50-12:30          Selected talks , 10 min each
                             S. Massoz
(Liège, Belgium)
                            A novel forward genetic screen to identify complex I mutants in C. reinhardtii
                            S. Käser
(Bern, Switzerland)
                           pATOM36 mediates mitochondrial protein import and mitochondrial DNA inheritance
                            N. Rouhier
(Nancy, France)
                            Exploring the functions and partners of late-acting Fe-S transfer proteins belonging to the
                            mitochondrial ISC machinery in Arabidopsis thaliana
                            M. Michaud
(Grenoble, France)
                           A tethering complex between mitochondrial membranes is involved in plant lipid trafficking  

12:30-2:00 pm     LUNCH

2:00-3:30             Session III > mtDNA maintenance and aging

2:00-2:25              L. Ribas de Pouplana (Barcelone, Spain)
                            SLIMP couples cell cycle to regulation of mitochondrial protein synthesis and DNA
2:25-2:50              A. Munnich (Paris, France)
                            High throughput sequencing of mitochondrial disease genes: from research labs
                            to clinical practice
2:50-3:30              Selected talks , 10 min each
                             M. Oheim (Paris, France)
Collective dynamics of near-membrane ER/mitochondrial contacts
P. Fernandez-Millan (Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
                            Structural aspects of pathogenic mutations in the gene of the human mitochondrial
                            aspartyl-tRNA synthetase (mtAspRS)
                             M. Ricchetti
 (Paris, France)
                            Novel mitochondrial dysfunction associated with a premature ageing disease
                             B. Ferrando-Forés
(Aarhus, Denmark)
                            What can we learn about human aging from plant mitochondria?

3:30-4:00             COFFEE BREAK

4:00-5:30        Session IV > Mitochondrial diseases

4:00-4:25               H. Jacobs (Tampere, Finland)
                             The alternative oxidase: a tool in possible therapy for mitochondrial and common disorders
4:25-4:50               T. Suzuki (Tokyo, Japan)
                             Molecular pathogenesis of mitochondrial disease caused by tRNA modification deficiency
4:50-5:30               Selected talks , 10 min each
                              P. X. Petit
(Paris, France)
                             Tafazzin : a cardiolipin at the cross road between apoptosis and autophagy
                              O. Baris
(Cologne, Germany)
                             Mosaic deficiency in mitochondrial oxidative metabolism promotes cardiac arrhythmia
                             during aging
                             T. Dzinic
(Darmstadt, Germany)
                            Interplay of ionizing radiation, oxygen and ROS in age-associated diseases
                            D. Patoli (Dijon, France)
                            Lipopolysaccharides-mediated inhibition of mitophagy triggers macrophage activation


9:00-10:30       Session V  > Mitochondrial RNAs and gene regulation

9:00-9:25               R. Aphasizhev (Boston, USA)
                             Small RNA biogenesis in mitochondria of trypanosomes  
9:25-9:50               A. Henrion-Caude (Paris, France)
                             Non-coding RNAs: perspectives ranging from mitomiRs to long non-coding RNAs
9:50-10:30             Selected talks , 10 min each
                              K. Hammani
(Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
                             Utility of a computational prediction tool to unravel the site of action of PPR proteins
                              I. Aphasizheva
(Boston, USA)
                             PPR proteins in mRNA stabilization and polyadenylation in trypanosomatids
                             G. Paskiewicz
(Angers, France)
                            Reactivation of mitochondrial bioenergetics and dynamics during germination
                            of Arabidopsis thaliana
                             S. Kimoloi
(Cologne, Germany)
                            Mutant K320E-TWINKLE helicase causes mitochondrial dysfunction without altering
                            muscle function in mice

10:30-11:00          COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30    Session VI > Mitochondrial protein synthesis

11:00-11:25           Z. Chrzanowska-Lightowlers (Newcastle, UK)
                             Mitoribosomal profiling - what have we learned so far
11:25-11:50           J. Alfonso (Columbus, USA)
                             Common modifications in unusual places: How tRNA import shapes the mitochondrial
                             genetic code
11:50-12:30           Selected talks , 10 min each
                              P. Kamenski
(Moscow, Russia)
                             Unbalanced translation in yeast mitochondria without an initiation factor
                             T. Salinas (Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
                             Unusual 3'-termini in Chlamydomonas mitochondrial mRNAs
                              M. Kwasniak-Owczarek
(Wroclaw, Poland)
                             Mitoribosome-dependent respiratory impairments affect chloroplast transcription
                             C. Carapito
(Strasbourg, France)
                            A proteomics strategy to characterize mitochondrial proteins N-termini  

12:30-2:00 pm      LUNCH

2:00-3:55          Session VII > Mitochondrial targeting, mechanisms and tools

2:00-2:25               V. Weissig (Glendale, USA)
                              Delivery of biologically active molecules to and (?) into mitochondria
2:25-2:50               C. Moraes (Miami, USA)
                              The use of mitochondrial-targeted nucleases to alter mtDNA heteroplasmy
2:50-3:15               K. Tokatlidis (Glasgow, UK)
                              Mitochondria targeting of a peroxiredoxin ensures a compartment-specific oxidative
                              stress response     
3:15-3:55               Selected talks , 10 min each
                              A. Harsman
(Bern, Switzerland)
                             The TIM translocase in Trypanosoma brucei contains Rhomboid-like proteins that are
                             essential for mitochondrial protein import
                             A. Angelova (Châtenay-Malabry, France)
                            Synthetic nanomedicine carriers inspired by three-dimensional topologies of mitochondrial
                            inner membranes
                             I. Dovydenko
(Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
                            Small mitochondrial imported RNAs as a therapeutic tool
                            G. Bader (Strasbourg, MitoCross, France)
                            Split-GFP as a tool to study organellar localization of dual-localized proteins

3:55-4:00               Closing remarks I. Tarassov

4:00-5:00 pm        COFFEE AND DRINKS



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