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Axis 1 : mtDNA maintenance and expression

Three main aspects will be addressed:

1. mtDNA recombination, repair and heteroplasmy

Investigation of the function of the plant homologous recombination system in mt-DNA segregation and repair / Characterization of the plant mt-DNA heteroplasmy control mechanism / Investigation of the repair mechanisms of mt-DNA mutations due to ROS damages

2. mt-RNAs, maturation and expression

Investigation of mt-RNA expression and transcriptome / Analysis of the involvement of PPR proteins in RNA expression and maturation processes / Establishment of the mt-tRNA tertiary network

3. Mitochondrial translation

Structural and functional characterization of mt-aaRSs / Development of a protein-shuttle to introduce RNA into organelles / Deciphering the Gln-tRNAGln formation into organelles / Structural investigation of the mito-ribosome (Coll. M. Yusupov, IGBMC)

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