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The consortium MitoCross scientific projects are grouped in three major research lines, which will require inter-related partnership of the 6 teams:


The first axis will be focused on the mechanisms of mt-DNA expression and maintenance. We shall address the processes of mt-DNA replication, heteroplasmy and repair, RNA expression and maturation, organellar translation.

The second axis will address various mitochondria-nucleus cross-talk pathways involving macromolecules (proteins, RNA & DNA). mRNA targeting to mt-surface and mitochondrial import of small non-coding RNAs will be investigated. Proteins involved in mitochondria-nucleus cross-talk will be studied  on the example of aaRSs,  repair factors and  PPR proteins. Dual-targeted proteins will also be studied. Mitochondrial functions reprogramming through natural events (by PPR, aaRSs)  or  induced by artificial agents (mt-targeted proteins, RNA, DNA) will also be addressed(all teams).

Finally, the third axis will be to address mitochondria-related pathologies. Without pretending to embrace the totality of adjacent problems, we will focus on mt-tRNA and aaRS - related dysfunctions of mt-translation and PPR and VDAC-related ones. Finally, the development of innovative approaches to deliver nucleic acids with potential therapeutic capacities into mitochondria will be addressed.

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Apr 24 2024

The MitoCross research cluster wishes to welcome one junior chair in Strasbourg. The chair will be...

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