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Publications from 2012 to 2021



  • Gobert A, Quan Y, Arrivé M, Waltz F, Da Silva N, Jomat L, Cohen M, Jupin I, Giegé P.
    Towards plant resistance to viruses using protein-only RNase P
    Nat Commun. 12(1):1007. doi
  • Waltz,F, Giegé P and Hashem Y
    Purification and Cryo-electron Microscopy Analysis of Plant Mitochondrial Ribosomes.
    11(15): e4111. doi 
  • Waltz F, Corre N, Hashem Y and Giegé P
    Specificities of the plant mitochondria translation apparatus
    Mitochondrion, 53:30-37 doi
  • Waltz F, Salinas-Giegé T, Englmeier R, Meichel H. Soufari H. Kuhn L, Pfeffer S, Förster F, Engerl B, Giegé P, Maréchal-Drouard L. and Hashem Y.
    How to build a ribosome from RNA fragments in Chlamydomonas mitochondria
    Nature Communications
    , 12:7176, 2021. doi 


  • Waltz F, Soufari H, Bochler A, Giegé P, Hashem Y (2020)
    Cryo-EM structure of the RNA-rich plant mitochondrial ribosome.
    Nat Plants
    . 6:377-383. doi

  • Waltz F, Giegé P (2020)
    Striking diversity of mitochondria-specific translation processes across eukaryotes.
    Trends Biochem Sci. 45:149-162. doi


  • Bouchoucha A, Waltz F, Bonnard G, Arrivé M, Hammann P, Kuhn L, Schelcher C, Zuber H, Gobert A, Giegé P (2019)
    Determination of protein-only RNase P interactome in Arabidopsis mitochondria and chloroplasts identifies a complex between PRORP1 and another NYN domain nuclease
    Plant Journal
    100(3):549-561 doi
  • Giegé P and Maréchal-Drouard L (2019)
    IUBMB Life Special Issue on tRNA Biology
    IUBMB Life, 71: 1064-1065.  Abstract
  • Gobert A, Bruggeman M, Giegé P (2019)
    Involvement of PIN-like domain nucleases in tRNA processing and translation regulation.

    IUBMB Life, 71: 1117-1125. Abstract
  • Waltz F, Nguyen T-T, Arrivé M, Bochler A, Chicher J, Hammann P, Kuhn L, Quadrado M, Mireau H, Hashem Y, Giegé P (2019)
    Small is big in Arabidopsis mitochondrial ribosome.
    Nature Plants 5 (1):106-117. Abstract


  • Pinker F, Schelcher C, Fernandez-Millan P, Gobert A, Birck C, Thureau A, Roblin P, Giegé P, Sauter C (2017)
    Biophysical analysis of Arabidopsis protein-only RNase P alone and in complex with tRNA provides a refined model of tRNA binding

    J Biol Chem, 292:13904-13913 doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.782078. Abstract


  • Bonnard G, Gobert A, Arrivé M, Pinker F, Salinas-Giegé T and Giegé P (2016)
    Transfer RNA maturation in Chlamydomonas mitochondria, chloroplast and the nucleus by a single RNase P protein.
    Plant J. 87 (3):270-280. doi:10.1111/tpj.13198 Abstract
  • Fernandez-Millan P, Schelcher C, Chihade J, Masquida B, Giegé P, Sauter C (2016)
    Transfer RNA: From pioneering crystallographic studies to contemporary tRNA biology.
    Arch Biochem Biophys. doi:10.1016/j.abb.2016.03.005 Abstract
  • Fujii S, Suzuki T, Giegé P, Higashiyama T, Koizuka N, Shikanai T (2016)
    The Restorer-of-fertility-like 2 pentatricopeptide repeat protein and RNase P are required for the processing of mitochondrial orf291 RNA in Arabidopsis.
    Plant J. 86 (6):504-513. doi:10.1111/tpj.13185 Abstract
  • Schelcher C, Sauter C, Giegé P (2016)
    Mechanistic and structural studies of Protein-Only RNase P compared to ribonucleoproteins reveal the two faces of the same enzymatic activity.
    Biomolecules 6 (3). doi:10.3390/biom6030030 Abstract
  • Xiu Z, Sun F, Shen Y, Zhang X, Jiang R, Bonnard G, Zhang J, Tan BC (2016)
    EMPTY PERICARP16 is required for mitochondrial nad2 Intron 4 cis-splicing, complex I assembly and seed development in maize.
    Plant J. 85 (4):507-519. doi:10.1111/tpj.13122 Abstract


  • Lechner M, Rossmanith W, Hartmann RK, Tholken C, Gutmann B, Giegé P, Gobert A (2015)
    Distribution of Ribonucleoprotein and Protein-Only RNase P in Eukarya.
    Molecular biology and evolution 32 (12):3186-3193. Abstract
  • Pinker F, Giegé P, Sauter C (2015)
    Crystallization and crystallographic analysis of an Arabidopsis nuclear proteinaceous RNase P
    Acta Cristallogr F Struct Mol Commun. 71 : 1372-1377.  Abstract
  • Salinas-Giegé T, Giegé R, Giegé P (2015)
    tRNA biology in mitochondria.
    Int. J. Mol. Sci. 16: 4518-4559. Abstract
  • Sun F, Wang X, Bonnard G, Shen Y, Xiu Z, Li X, Gao D, Zhang Z, Tan BC (2015)
    Empty pericarp7 encodes a mitochondrial E-subgroup pentatricopeptide repeat protein that is required for ccmF editing, mitochondrial function and seed development in maize.
    Plant J 84 :283-295. Abstract


  • Gonzalez DH, Giegé P (2014)
    Biogenesis of the oxidative phosphorylation machinery in plants. From gene expression to complex assembly. 
    Frontiers in Plant Physiol. 5, 225. Abstract
  • Hammani K, Barkan A (2014)
    An mTERF domain protein functions in group II intron splicing in maize chloroplasts.
    Nucleic Acids Res. 42(8):5033-42. Abstract
  • Hammani K, Bonnard G, Bouchoucha A, Gobert A, Pinker F, Salinas T, Giegé P(2014)
    Helical repeats modular proteins are major players for organelle gene expression.
    Biochimie, 100:141-150. Abstract
  • Hammani K, Giegé P (2014)
    RNA metabolism in plant mitochondria.
    Trends Plant Sci. 19, 380-389. Abstract 
  • European patent
    Methods for increasing the resistance of a plant to a plant RNA virus.
    European patent N°EP14305771.9.


  • Cognat V, Pawlak G, Duchêne AM, Daujat M, Gigant A, Salinas T, Michaud M, Gutmann B, Giegé P, Gobert A, Maréchal-Drouard L(2013)
    Plant RNA a database for tRNAs of photosynthetic eukaryotes.
    Nucleic Acids Res., 41:273-279. Abstract 
  • Giegé P (2013)
    Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins: a set of modular RNA specific binders massively used for organelle gene expression.
    RNA Biol., 14(9):1417-1418.  Abstract
  • Gobert A, Pinker F, Fuchsbauer O, Gutmann B, Boutin R, Roblin P, Sauter C, Giegé P (2013)
    Structural insights into protein-only RNase P complexed with tRNA.
    Nature comm., 4:1353. Abstract 
  • Pinker F, Bonnard G, Gobert A, Gutmann B, Hammani K, Sauter C, Gegenheimer PA, Giegé P (2013)
    PPR proteins shed a new light on RNase P biology.
    RNA Biol., 10(9):1457-1468. Abstract 


  • Duchêne AM, Giegé P(2012)
    Dual localized mitochondrial and nuclear proteins as gene expression regulators in plants?

    Frontiers in Plant Sci., 3:221. Abstract
  • Gutmann B, Gobert A, Giegé P (2012)
    PRORP proteins support RNase P activity in both organelles and the nucleus in Arabidopsis.
    Genes & Dev., 26: 1022-1027. Abstract
  • Gutmann B, Gobert A, Giegé P (2012)
    Mitochondrial genome evolution and the emergence of PPR proteins.
    Advances in botanical research. Vol. Mitochondrial genome evolution. Ed. by L. Drouard. page 253-313.
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