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Publications from 2001 to 2011


Hammani K., Gobert A., Hleibieh K., Choulier L., Small I. and Giegé P. (2011).
An Arabidopsis dual-localized pentatricopeptide repeat protein interacts with nuclear proteins involved in gene expression regulation.

Plant Cell, 23: 730-740. Abstract

Hammani,K., Gobert A., Small I. and Giegé P (2011).
A PPR protein involved in regulating nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins ?

Plant Signaling & Behavior, 6: 748-750. Abstract

Cardi T., Giegé P., Kahlau S. and Scotti N. (2011).
Expression profiling of organellar genes.

Advances in Photosynthesis and respiration. Vol. Genomics of chloroplasts and mitochondria. ed. by R. Bock and V. Knoop. Chapter 14, ISBN 978-94-007-2919-3.


Gobert A., Gutmann B., Taschner A., Goessringer M., Holzmann J., Hartmann R., Rossmanith W. and Giegé P. (2010).
A single Arabidopsis organellar protein has RNase P activity
Nature Struct. & Molec. Biol., 17: 740-744. Abstract

Placido A., Sieber F., Gobert A., Gallerani R. Giegé P. and Drouard L. (2010).
Plant mitochondria use two pathways for the biogenesis of tRNAHis.

Nucleic Acid Res., 38: 7711-7717. Abstract

Hammani K., Hleibieh K, Small I and Giegé P. (2010).
A dual targeted PPR protein interacts with nuclear transcription factors.

35th Congress of the Federation-of-European-Biochemical-Societies. FEBS J., 277: 282-283.


Hamel P., Corvest V., Giegé P. and Bonnard G.  (2009).
Biochemical requirements for the maturation of mitochondrial c-type cytochromes.

BBA-Mol. Cell Res., 1793: 125-138.


Uyttewaal M., Mireau H., Rurek M., Hammani K., ArnalN., Quadrado M.and Giegé P. (2008).
PPR336 is associated to polysomes in plant mitochondria.

J. Mol. Biol., 375: 626-636. Abstract

Rayapuram N., Hagenmuller J., Grienenberger J.M., Bonnard G. and Giegé P. (2008).
The     three mitochondrial    encoded CcmF proteins form a complex that interacts with CCMH and c-            type apo-cytochromes in Arabidopsis.

J Biol Chem., 283: 25200-25208. 

Giegé P., Grienenberger J.M. and Bonnard G. (2008).
Cytochrome c biogenesis in mitochondria.

Mitochondrion, 8: 61-73.


Delage L., Giegé P., Sakamoto M. and Maréchal-Drouard L. (2007).
Four paralogues of RPL12 are differentially associated to ribosomes in plant mitochondria.

Biochimie, 89: 658-668. Abstract

Rayapuram N., Hagenmuller J., MeyerE.H., Grienenberger J.M., Giegé P. and BonnardG. (2007).
CCMA is an essential subunit of a novel mitochondrial ABC transporter involved in cytochrome c maturation in plant.

J Biol Chem., 282: 21015-21023.

Giegé P. (2007).
Mitochondrial respiratory complexes biogenesis: Communication, gene   expression and assembly mechanisms.

Plant Mitochondria, chapter 5 ed by D. Logan, Blackwell, Oxford. 141-170.




Giegé P., Sweetlove L. Cognat V. and Leaver C.J. (2005).
Coordination of nuclear and mitochondrial genome expression during mitochondrial biogenesis in Arabidopsis.

Plant cell, 17: 1497-1512.

Meyer E.H. Giegé P., Rayapuram N., Gelhaye E., Thöny-Meyer L., Grienenberger J.M. and Bonnard G. (2005).
AtCCMH, an essential component of the c-type cytochromes maturation pathway in A. thaliana mitochondria interacts with apocytochrome c.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 102: 16113-16118.


Giegé P., Rayapuram N., Meyer E.H., Grienenberger J.M. and Bonnard G. (2004).
CcmFc involved in cytochrome c maturation is present in a large sized complex in wheat mitochondria.

FEBS Lett., 563: 165-169.


Giegé P., Heazlewood J.L., Roessner-Tunali U., Millar H.A., Fernie A.R., Leaver C.J. and      Sweetlove L.J. (2003).
Enzymes of glycolysis are functionally associated with the mitochondrion in Arabidopsis cells.

Plant cell, 15: 2140-2151.

Giegé P., Sweetlove L. and Leaver C.J. (2003).
Identification of mitochondrial protein complexes in Arabidopsis using two-dimensional Blue-Native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

PMB reporter, 21: 133-144.




Giegé P. and Brennicke A. (2001).
From gene to protein in higher plant mitochondria
C. R. Acad. Sci. III, 324: 209-217.

Millar A.H., Sweetlove L.J., Giegé P. and Leaver C.J. (2001)
Analysis of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial proteome.
Plant Physiol., 127: 1711-1727.

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