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Publications from 2012 to 2021


  • Chevigny N, Schatz-Daas D, Lotfi F and Gualberto JM
    DNA repair and the stability of the plant mitochondrial genome
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(1): 328, 2021 | doi
  • Fertet A., Graindorge S., Koechler S., De Boer G.J., Guilloteau-Fonteny E. and Gualberto J.M.
    Sequence of the mitochondrial genome of Lactuca virosa suggests an unexpected role in Lactuca sativa’s evolution
    Frontiers in Plant Science, 12:697136, 2021 | doi
  • Schatz-Daas D, Fertet A, Lotfi F and Gualberto JM
    Assessment of mitochondrial DNA copy number, stability and repair in Arabidopsis
    In: Olivier Van Aken; Allan G. Rasmusson (ed) Plant Mitochondria - Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2363. Springer US., 2021 


  • Flood P, Theeuwen T, Schneeberger K, Keizer P, Kruijer W, Severing E, Kouklas E, Hageman J, Wijfjes R,  Calvo-Baltanas V, Becker F, Schnabel S, Willems L, Ligterink W, Van Arkel J, Mumm R, Gualberto JM, Savage L, Kramer D, Keurentjes J, Van Eeuwijk F, Koornneef M, Harbinson J, Aarts M and Wijnker E
    Reciprocal cybrids reveal how organellar genomes affect plant phenotypes
    Nature Plants, 6:13-21 doi


  • Niazi AK, Delannoy E, Iqbal RK, Mileshina D, Val R, Gabryelska M, Wyszko E, Soubigou-Taconnat L, Szymanski M, BarChevigny N, Schatz-Daas D, Lotfi F and Gualberto JM
    DNA repair and the stability of the plant mitochondrial genome
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21:328
  • Niazi AK, Delannoy E, Iqbal RK, Mileshina D, Val R, Gabryelska M, Wyszko E, Soubigou-Taconnat L, Szymanski M, Barciszewski J, Weber-Lotfi F, Gualberto JM, Dietrich
    Mitochondrial Transcriptome Control and Intercompartment Cross-Talk During Plant Development.

    Plant J. 97(3):430-446. doi: 10.1111/tpj.14128. Abstract
  • Pedroza-Garcia J., Nájera-Martinez M, Mazubert C, Aguilera-Alvarado P, Drouin-Wahbie J, Sánchez-Nieto S, Gualberto JM, Raynaud C, Plasencia J.
    Role of pyrimidine salvage pathway in the maintenance of the organellar and nuclear genome integrity

    Plant Journal, 97(3):430-446 Abstract
  • Varré J.S., d'Agostino N., Touzet P., Gallina S., Tamburino R., Cantarella C., Ubrig E., Cardi T., Drouard L., Gualberto J.M. and Scotti N.
    Complete sequence, multichromosomal architecture and transcriptome analysis of the Solanum tuberosum mitochondrial genome
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences
    , 20:4788 doi


  • Le Ret M, Belcher S, Graindorge S, Wallet C, Koechler S, Erhardt M, Williams-Carrier R, Barkan A, Gualberto JM 
    An organellar thymidine kinase is required for the efficient replication of the maize plastidial genome. Plant physiology.  Abstract


  • Gualberto JM and Newton KJ
    Plant mitochondrial genomes:dynamics and mechanisms of mutation
    Annu. Rev. Plant Biol.  68:17.1–17.28 Abstract

  • Paszkiewicz G, Gualberto JM, Benamar A, Macherel D, Logan DC
    Arabidopsis Seed Mitochondria Are Bioenergetically Active Immediately upon Imbibition and Specialize via Biogenesis in Preparation for Autotrophic Growth.
    The Plant cell 29 (1):109-128.  Abstract


  • Cardi M, Zaffagnini M, De Lillo A, Castiglia G, Chibani K, Gualberto JM, Rouhier N, Jacquot JP, Esposito S
    Plastidic P2 glucose-6P dehydrogenase from poplar is modulated by thioredoxin m-type: Distinct roles of cysteine residues in redox regulation and NADPH inhibition.
    Plant Sci 252:257-266.

  • Lallement PA, Roret T, Tsan P, Gualberto JM, Girardet JM, Didierjean C, Rouhier N, Hecker A
    Insights into ascorbate regeneration in plants: investigating the redox and structural properties of dehydroascorbate reductases from Populus trichocarpa.
    The Biochemical Journal 473 (6):717-731.  Abstract


  • Dietrich A, Wallet C, Iqbal RK, Gualberto JM, Lotfi F
    Organellar non-coding RNAs: Emerging regulation mechanisms.
    Biochimie 117, 48-62. Abstract
  • Gualberto JM, Le Ret M, Beator B, Kuhn K
    The RAD52-like protein ODB1 is required for the efficient excision of two mitochondrial introns spliced via first-step hydrolysis.
    Nucleic Acids Res 43 (13):6500-6510. Abstract
  • Lallement PA, Meux E, Gualberto JM, Dumarcay S, Favier F, Didierjean C, Saul F, Haouz A, Morel-Rouhier M, Gelhaye E, Rouhier N, Hecker A
    Glutathionyl-hydroquinone reductases from poplar are plastidial proteins which deglutathionylate glutathione-conjugated reduced and oxidized quinones.

    FEBS Letters, 589:37-44. Abstract
  • Mileshina D, Niazi AK, Wyszko E, Szymanski M, Val R, Valentin C, Barciszewski J, Dietrich A
    Mitochondrial targeting of catalytic RNAs.
    Methods Mol. Biol. 1265, 227-254. Abstract
  • Mileshina D, Niazi AK, Weber-Lotfi F, Gualberto J, Dietrich A
    Mitochondrial Genetic Manipulation.
    In: Somatic Genome Manipulation: Advances, Methods and Applications (Li XQ, Donnelly D and Jensen TG, eds), Chapter 13, pp. 275-321, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Wallet C, Le Ret M, Bergdoll M, Bichara M, Dietrich A, Gualberto JM
    The RECG1 DNA translocase is a key factor in recombination surveillance, repair and segregation of the mitochondrial DNA in Arabidopsis.  
    Plant Cell 27, 2907-2925. Abstract
  • Weber-Lotfi F, Koulintchenko MV, Ibrahim N, Hammann P, Mileshina DV, Konstantinov YM, Dietrich A 
    Nucleic acid import into mitochondria: New insights into the translocation pathways.
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1853, 3165-3181. Abstract


  • Couturier J, Wu HC, Dhalleine T, Pegeot H, Sudre D, Gualberto JM, Jacquot JP, Gaymard F, Vignols F, Rouhier N
    Monothiol glutaredoxin-BolA interactions: redox control of Arabidopsis thaliana BolA2 and SufE1. 
    Mol. Plant 7, 187-205. Abstract
  • Gualberto JM, Kuhn K
    DNA-binding proteins in plant mitochondria: Implications for transcription.
    Mitochondrion, 19:323-328. Abstract
  • Gualberto JM, Mileshina D, Wallet C, Niazi AK, Weber-Lotfi F, Dietrich A
    The plant mitochondrial genome: dynamics and maintenance. 
    Biochimie 100: 107-120. Abstract
  • Koulintchenko MV, Ibrahim N, Klimenko ES, Konstantinov YM, Weber-Lotfi F, Dietrich A
    Specificity of DNA import into isolated mitochondria from plants and mammals.
    Biopolym. Cell 30: 68-70.
  • Lallement PA, Meux E, Gualberto JM, Prosper P, Didierjean C, Saul F, Haouz A, Rouhier N, Hecker A
    Structural and enzymatic insights into Lambda glutathione transferases from Populus trichocarpa, monomeric enzymes constituting an early divergent class specific to terrestrial plants.
    Biochem J., 462(1):39-52. Abstract
  • Weber-Lotfi F, Mileshina DV, Ibrahim N, Koulintchenko MV, D'Souza GGM, Saxena V, Konstantinov YM, Lightowlers RN, Dietrich A
    DNA import competence and mitochondrial genetics.
    Biopolym. Cell 30: 71-73.


  • Niazi AK, Mileshina D, Cosset A, Val R, Weber-Lotfi F, Dietrich A 
    Targeting nucleic acids into mitochondria: Progress and prospects.
    Mitochondrion, 13, 548–558. Abstract


  • Chibani K, Tarrago L, Gualberto JM, Wingsle G, Rey P, Jacquot JP, Rouhier N 
    Atypical thioredoxins in poplar: the glutathione-dependent thioredoxin-like 2.1 supports the activity of target enzymes possessing a single redox active cysteine.
    Plant Physiol. 159, 592-605. Abstract
  • Dietrich A, Mileshina D, Niazi AK, Cosset A, Val R, Ibrahim N, Weber-Lotfi F 
    Manipulating the mitochondrial genetic system.
    In: Genetically Modified Organisms and Genetic Engineering in Research and Therapy, BioValley Monographs - Volume 3 (Poindron, P. and Piguet, P., eds), pp. 103-119, Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Dietrich A, Rolle K, Gabryelska M, Wyszko E, Val R, Szymanski M, Valentin C, Cosset A, Barciszewski J
    RNA technologies for mitochondrial genetics.
    In: RNA Technologies - From Nucleic Acids Sequences to Molecular Medicine (Erdmann, V.A. and Barciszewski, J., eds), pp. 313-356, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Janicka S, Kuhn K, Le Ret M, Bonnard G, Imbault P, Augustyniak H, Gualberto JM
    A RAD52-like single-stranded DNA binding protein affects mitochondrial DNA repair by recombination.
    Plant J.72(3):423-35. Abstract
  • Koulintchenko MV, Dietrich A, Konstantinov YM
    Mitochondrial genetic transformation via biotechnological approaches or natural competence mechanism: do we have a choice?
    Biopolym. Cell 28: 261–266
  • Kühn K, Gualberto JM
    Recombination in the stability, repair and evolution of the mitochondrial genome.
    Adv. Bot. Res. 63, 215-252.
  • Miller-Messmer M, Kuhn K, Bichara M, Le Ret M, Imbault P, Gualberto JM 
    RecA-dependent DNA repair results in increased heteroplasmy of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial genome.
    Plant Physiol. 159, 211-226. Abstract
  • Udy DB, Belcher S, Williams-Carrier R, Gualberto JM, Barkan A
    Effects of reduced chloroplast gene copy number on chloroplast gene expression in maize.
    Plant Physiol. 160(3):1420-31 Abstract
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