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The « Institut de biologie moléculaire des plantes | IBMP is a CNRS research unit associated with the University of Strasbourg (Unistra). This institute is leaded by Dr. Laurence DROUARD. It is presently the largest CNRS centre devoted to integrative plant biology. It consists of about 150 persons including CNRS researchers,  Unistra Professors or assistant-professors,  engineers and technicians, PhD and  post-doc researchers.

Research at IBMP is supported by several facilities: including greenhouses and growth chambers, microscopy and cell imaging platform, bioinformatics and high capacity computing and data storage, quantitative PCR and sequencing service, protein production platform.

The primary mission of IBMP is to provide high quality research in the field of plant sciences. The IBMP research interest is very broad. Nevertheless several lines of research are clearly visible. Thus, IBMP produced fundamental discoveries on gene silencing, RNA processing in nucleus and organelles, epigenetic control of gene expression, trafficking between cells of smRNAs and viral proteins, organellar targeting of endogenous proteins and RNAs, regulation of the cell cycle, function of phytohormones in stress responses, ubiquitylation, mechanisms of gene evolution and functions of metabolic enzymes.

The institute is composed of 16 independent teams,  three of them are strongly engaged in the MitoCross consortium :

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Apr 24 2024

The MitoCross research cluster wishes to welcome one junior chair in Strasbourg. The chair will be...

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