Publications from 2012 to 2019



  • Defenouillère Q, VerraesA, Laussel C, Friedrich A, Schacherer J, Léon S. (2019)
    The induction of HAD-like phosphatases by multiple signaling pathways confers resistance to the metabolic inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose.
    Science Signaling, Vol. 12, Issue 597, eaaw8000 doi

  • Fairhead C, Fischer G, Liti G, Neuveglise C, Schacherer J (2019)
    Andre Goffeau's imprinting on second generation yeast "genomologists".
    Yeast. doi:10.1002/yea.3377 Abstract
  • Fleiss A, O'Donnell S, Fournier T, Lu W, Agier N, Delmas S, Schacherer J,  Fischer G. (2019)
    Reshuffling yeast chromosomes with CRISPR/Cas9.
    PLoS Genet., doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008332

  • Fournier T, Abou Saada O,Hou J, Peter J, Caudal E, Schacherer J (2019)
    Extensive impact of low-frequency variants on the phenotypic landscape at population-scale
    eLife 2019;8:e49258 doi
  • Ishchuk OP, Ahmad KM, Koruza K, Bojanovič K, Sprenger M, Kasper L, Brunke S, Hube B, Säll T, Hellmark T, Gullstrand B, Brion C, Freel K, Schacherer J, Regenberg B , Knecht W, Piškur J (2019)
    RNAi as a tool to study virulence in the pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata.
    Front Microbiol. , doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01679

  • Peltier E, Friedrich A, JSchacherer J, Marullo P. (2019)
    Quantitative Trait Nucleotides impacting the technological performances of industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains.
    Front. Genet. , doi: 10.3389/fgene.2019.00683


  • Avramova M, Cibrario A, Peltier E, Coton M, Coton E, Schacherer J, Spano G, Capozzi V, Blaiotta G, Salin F, Dols-Lafargue M, Grbin P, Curtin C, Albertin W, Masneuf-Pomarede I (2018)
    Brettanomyces bruxellensis population survey reveals a diploid-triploid complex structured according to substrate of isolation and geographical distribution.
    Sci Rep 8 (1):4136. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-22580-7 Abstract
  • Peter J, De Chiara M, Friedrich A, Yue JX, Pflieger D, Bergstrom A, Sigwalt A, Barre B, Freel K, Llored A, Cruaud C, Labadie K, Aury JM, Istace B, Lebrigand K, Barbry P, Engelen S, Lemainque A, Wincker P, Liti G, Schacherer J (2018)
    Genome evolution across 1,011 Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolates.
    Nature 556 (7701):339-344. doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0030-5 Abstract
  • Raghavan V, Bui DT, Al-Sweel N, Friedrich A, Schacherer J, Aquadro CF, Alani E (2018)
    Incompatibilities in Mismatch Repair Genes MLH1-PMS1 Contribute to a Wide Range of Mutation Rates in Human Isolates of Baker's Yeast.
    Genetics 210 (4):1253-1266. doi:10.1534/genetics.118.301550 Abstract
  • Smukowski Heil C, Burton JN, Liachko I, Friedrich A, Hanson NA, Morris CL, Schacherer J, Shendure J, Thomas JH, Dunham MJ (2018)
    Identification of a novel interspecific hybrid yeast from a metagenomic spontaneously inoculated beer sample using Hi-C.
    Yeast 35 (1):71-84. doi:10.1002/yea.3280 Abstract


  • Brion C, Legrand S, Peter J, Caradec C, Pflieger D, Hou J, Friedrich A, Llorente B, Schacherer J (2017) Variation of the meiotic recombination landscape and properties over a broad evolutionary distance in yeasts.
    PLoS Genet 13 (8):e1006917. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1006917 Abstract
  • Bui DT, Friedrich A, Al-Sweel N, Liti G, Schacherer J, Aquadro CF, Alani E (2017)
    Mismatch Repair Incompatibilities in Diverse Yeast Populations.
    Genetics 205 (4):1459-1471. doi:10.1534/genetics.116.199513 Abstract
  • Fournier T, Gounot JS, Freel K, Cruaud C, Lemainque A, Aury JM, Wincker P, Schacherer J, Friedrich A (2017)
    High-Quality de Novo Genome Assembly of the Dekkera bruxellensis Yeast Using Nanopore MinION Sequencing.
    G3 (Bethesda) 7 (10):3243-3250. doi:10.1534/g3.117.300128 Abstract
  • Fournier T, Schacherer J (2017)
    Genetic backgrounds and hidden trait complexity in natural populations.
    Curr Opin Genet Dev 47:48-53. doi:10.1016/j.gde.2017.08.009 Abstract
  • Hou J, Schacherer J (2017)
    Fitness Trade-Offs Lead to Suppressor Tolerance in Yeast.
    Molecular biology and evolution 34 (1):110-118. doi:10.1093/molbev/msw225 Abstract
  • Istace B, Friedrich A, d'Agata L, Faye S, Payen E, Beluche O, Caradec C, Davidas S, Cruaud C, Liti G, Lemainque A, Engelen S, Wincker P, Schacherer J, Aury JM (2017)
    de novo assembly and population genomic survey of natural yeast isolates with the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencer.
    Gigascience 6 (2):1-13. doi:10.1093/gigascience/giw018 Abstract
  • Ohnuki S, Okada H, Friedrich A, Kanno Y, Goshima T, Hasuda H, Inahashi M, Okazaki N, Tamura H, Nakamura R, Hirata D, Fukuda H, Shimoi H, Kitamoto K, Watanabe D, Schacherer J, Akao T, Ohya Y (2017)
    Phenotypic Diagnosis of Lineage and Differentiation During Sake Yeast Breeding.
    G3 (Bethesda) 7 (8):2807-2820. doi:10.1534/g3.117.044099 Abstract
  • Zhou N, Bottagisi S, Katz M, Schacherer J, Friedrich A, Gojkovic Z, Swamy KBS, Knecht W, Compagno C, Piskur J (2017)
    Yeast-bacteria competition induced new metabolic traits through large-scale genomic rearrangements in Lachancea kluyveri.
    FEMS Yeast Res 17 (6). doi:10.1093/femsyr/fox060 Abstract


  • Brion C, Pflieger D, Souali-Crespo S, Friedrich A, Schacherer J (2016)
    Differences in environmental stress response among yeasts is consistent with species-specific lifestyles. Mol Biol Cell 27 (10):1694-1705. doi:10.1091/mbc.E15-12-0816 Abstract
  • Freel KC, Friedrich A, Sarilar V, Devillers H, Neuveglise C, Schacherer J (2016)
    Whole-Genome Sequencing and Intraspecific Analysis of the Yeast Species Lachancea quebecensis. Genome Biol Evol 8 (3):733-741. doi:10.1093/gbe/evv262 Abstract
  • Hou J, Fournier T, Schacherer J (2016)
    Species-wide survey reveals the various flavors of intraspecific reproductive isolation in yeast.
    FEMS Yeast Res 16 (5). doi:10.1093/femsyr/fow048 Abstract
  • Hou J, Schacherer J (2016)
    Negative epistasis: a route to intraspecific reproductive isolation in yeast?
    Curr Genet 62 (1):25-29. doi:10.1007/s00294-015-0505-y Abstract
  • Hou J, Schacherer J (2016)
    On the Mapping of Epistatic Genetic Interactions in Natural Isolates: Combining Classical Genetics and Genomics.
    Methods in molecular biology 1361:345-360. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-3079-1_19 Abstract
  • Hou J, Sigwalt A, Fournier T, Pflieger D, Peter J, de Montigny J, Dunham MJ, Schacherer J (2016)
    The Hidden Complexity of Mendelian Traits across Natural Yeast Populations.
    Cell Rep 16 (4):1106-1114. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2016.06.048 Abstract
  • Jung PP, Sigwalt A, Ohnuki S, de Montigny J, Ohya Y, Schacherer J (2016)
    Large-Scale Survey of Intraspecific Fitness and Cell Morphology Variation in a Protoploid Yeast Species.
    G3 (Bethesda) 6 (4):1063-1071. doi:10.1534/g3.115.026682 Abstract
  • Peter J, Schacherer J (2016)
    Population genomics of yeasts: towards a comprehensive view across a broad evolutionary scale.
    Yeast 33 (3):73-81. doi:10.1002/yea.3142 Abstract
  • Schacherer J (2016)
    Beyond the simplicity of Mendelian inheritance.
    C R Biol 339 (7-8):284-288. doi:10.1016/j.crvi.2016.04.006 Abstract
  • Vakirlis N, Sarilar V, Drillon G, Fleiss A, Agier N, Meyniel JP, Blanpain L, Carbone A, Devillers H, Dubois K, Gillet-Markowska A, Graziani S, Huu-Vang N, Poirel M, Reisser C, Schott J, Schacherer J, Lafontaine I, Llorente B, Neuveglise C, Fischer G (2016)
    Reconstruction of ancestral chromosome architecture and gene repertoire reveals principles of genome evolution in a model yeast genus.
    Genome Res 26 (7):918-932. doi:10.1101/gr.204420.116 Abstract


  • Freel KC, Charron G, Leducq JB, Landry CR, Schacherer J (2015)
    Lachancea quebecensis sp. nov., a yeast species consistently isolated from tree bark in the Canadian province of Quebec.
    Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (10):3392-3399. doi:10.1099/ijsem.0.000426 Abstract

  • Freel KC, Friedrich A, Schacherer J (2015)
    Mitochondrial genome evolution in yeasts: an all-encompassing view.
    FEMS Yeast Res 15 (4):fov023. doi:10.1093/femsyr/fov023 Abstract

  • Friedrich A, Jung P, Reisser C, Fischer G, Schacherer J (2015)
    Population genomics reveals chromosome-scale heterogeneous evolution in a protoploid yeast. Molecular biology and evolution 32 (1):184-192. doi:10.1093/molbev/msu295 Abstract

  • Hou J, Friedrich A, Gounot JS, Schacherer J (2015)
    Comprehensive survey of condition-specific reproductive isolation reveals genetic incompatibility in yeast.
    Nat Commun 6:7214. doi:10.1038/ncomms8214 Abstract

  • Sarilar V, Devillers H, Freel KC, Schacherer J, Neuveglise C (2015)
    Draft Genome Sequence of Lachancea lanzarotensis CBS 12615T, an Ascomycetous Yeast Isolated from Grapes.
    Genome Announc 3 (2). doi:10.1128/genomeA.00292-15 Abstrac


  • Freel KC, Friedrich A, Hou J, Schacherer J (2014)
    Population genomic analysis reveals highly conserved mitochondrial genomes in the yeast species Lachancea thermotolerans.
    Genome Biol Evol 6 (10):2586-2594. doi:10.1093/gbe/evu203 Abstract
  • Freel KC, Sarilar V, Neuveglise C, Devillers H, Friedrich A, Schacherer J (2014)
    Genome Sequence of the Yeast Cyberlindnera fabianii (Hansenula fabianii).
    Genome Announc 2 (4). doi:10.1128/genomeA.00638-14 Abstract
  • Kunze G, Gaillardin C, Czernicka M, Durrens P, Martin T, Boer E, Gabaldon T, Cruz JA, Talla E, Marck C, Goffeau A, Barbe V, Baret P, Baronian K, Beier S, Bleykasten C, Bode R, Casaregola S, Despons L, Fairhead C, Giersberg M, Gierski PP, Hahnel U, Hartmann A, Jankowska D, Jubin C, Jung P, Lafontaine I, Leh-Louis V, Lemaire M, Marcet-Houben M, Mascher M, Morel G, Richard GF, Riechen J, Sacerdot C, Sarkar A, Savel G, Schacherer J, Sherman DJ, Stein N, Straub ML, Thierry A, Trautwein-Schult A, Vacherie B, Westhof E, Worch S, Dujon B, Souciet JL, Wincker P, Scholz U, Neuveglise C (2014)
    The complete genome of Blastobotrys (Arxula) adeninivorans LS3 - a yeast of biotechnological interest. Biotechnol Biofuels 7:66. doi:10.1186/1754-6834-7-66 Abstract


  • Bleykasten-Grosshans C, Friedrich A, Schacherer J (2013)
    Genome-wide analysis of intraspecific transposon diversity in yeast.
    BMC genomics 14:399. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-399 Abstract
  • Reisser C, Dick C, Kruglyak L, Botstein D, Schacherer J, Hess DC (2013)
    Genetic Basis of Ammonium Toxicity Resistance in a Sake Strain of Yeast: A Mendelian Case.
    G3 (Bethesda) 3 (4):733-740. doi:10.1534/g3.113.005884 Abstract
  • Yvert G, Ohnuki S, Nogami S, Imanaga Y, Fehrmann S, Schacherer J, Ohya Y (2013)
    Single-cell phenomics reveals intra-species variation of phenotypic noise in yeast.
    BMC Syst Biol 7:54. doi:10.1186/1752-0509-7-54 Abstract


  • Friedrich A, Jung PP, Hou J, Neuveglise C, Schacherer J (2012)
    Comparative mitochondrial genomics within and among yeast species of the Lachancea genus.
    PloS one 7 (10):e47834. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047834 Abstract
  • Jung PP, Friedrich A, Reisser C, Hou J, Schacherer J (2012)
    Mitochondrial genome evolution in a single protoploid yeast species.
    G3 (Bethesda) 2 (9):1103-1111. doi:10.1534/g3.112.003152 Abstract
  • Louis VL, Despons L, Friedrich A, Martin T, Durrens P, Casaregola S, Neuveglise C, Fairhead C, Marck C, Cruz JA, Straub ML, Kugler V, Sacerdot C, Uzunov Z, Thierry A, Weiss S, Bleykasten C, De Montigny J, Jacques N, Jung P, Lemaire M, Mallet S, Morel G, Richard GF, Sarkar A, Savel G, Schacherer J, Seret ML, Talla E, Samson G, Jubin C, Poulain J, Vacherie B, Barbe V, Pelletier E, Sherman DJ, Westhof E, Weissenbach J, Baret PV, Wincker P, Gaillardin C, Dujon B, Souciet JL (2012)
    Pichia sorbitophila, an Interspecies Yeast Hybrid, Reveals Early Steps of Genome Resolution After Polyploidization.
    G3 (Bethesda) 2 (2):299-311. doi:10.1534/g3.111.000745 Abstract

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