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Team 1 : Intracellular traffic of RNA and mitochondrial pathologies

Team leaders: Ivan TARASSOV & Nina ENTELIS

Research topics

The team is a part of the UMR 7156 (partner 1). The team tends to decrypt molecular mechanisms of nucleo-mitochondrial traffic of RNA and to exploit this pathway as a therapeutic tool. Two main objectives of this team will be (i) to understand detailed molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial import of nuclear DNA encoded RNAs and (ii) to exploit this RNA import pathway to develop new tools of gene therapy of mtDNA - associated mitochondrial pathologies.


Role in MitoCross

The first task will be the understanding of the fine molecular mechanisms of RNA mitochondrial import pathway. Within this main objective the team will study the mechanism of RNA translocation across mitochondrial membranes, the functions of nuclear-encoded RNAs an oss mitochond.

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