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Team 1 : PhD position

Search and characterization of molecular partners involved in RNA mitochondrial import in yeast and human

Estimated period :  October 2017 - September 2020
PhD directors : Dr. Benoit Masquida and Prof. Mark Helm


Team 5 : PhD position filled

Functional interactions of nuclear RNase P in Arabidopsis.

Estimated period :  October 2017 - September 2020
PhD director : Dr. Philippe Giegé

Project        Projet

Team 3: PhD position filled

Targeting of cytosolic mRNAs to the mitochondrial surface

Estimated period :  March 2017 - February 2020
PhD director : Prof. Anne-Marie Duchêne


Team 6: PhD position filled

Human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase: structure, function, evolution and connections to mitochondrial disorders.

PhD Director: Dr. Marie Sissler

Estimated period : October 2015-September 2018


Team 4 : PhD position filled

Transcription coupled repair of the mitochondrial DNA

PhD Director: Dr. José Gualberto

Estimated period : October 2015-September 2018

Team 3: Post Doctoral position filled

Translation platforms at the mitochondria surface

Estimated period : July 2016 - December 2017
Contact : Prof. Anne-Marie Duchêne


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