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Passed events

Mitocross seminar by Alexandre SMIRNOV

March 24, 2015
IBMC-seminar room

Alexandre SMIRNOV (team 1) Global Binders shape cellular RNA UniversesAbstract : Virtually all cellular events involving RNA molecules, including transcription, maturation, transport, storage,...[more]

Soutenance de thèse de Geoffrey MORELLE

March 17, 2015
IBMC seminar room

Geoffrey MORELLE (team 3) Les ARN de transfert, une nouvelle source de petits ARN non codants chez Arabidopsis thaliana.[more]

MitoCross Seminar by Cyrille MEGEL

March 13, 2015
IBMC seminar room

Cyrille MEGEL  (team 3)RNS family : a new group of plant tRNA endonucleases[more]

IBMP Seminar by Ralph BOCK

February 6, 2015
From 09:15 until 10:15
IBMC seminar room

Ralph BOCK Director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam-Golm, Germany, and Professor at the University Potsdam Title of seminar  Genes gone wild: Experimental...[more]

MitoCross Seminar by Loukmane KARIM

January 23, 2015
From 16:00 until 17:00
IBMC seminar room

Loukmane KARIM (team 6) Sub-mitochondrial organization of human aspartyl-tRNA synthetase and its connection to LBSL disease[more]

MitoCross Seminar by Ayoub BOUCHOUCHA

December 12, 2014
From 16:15 until 17:15
IBMC- seminar room

Ayoub BOUCHOUCHA (team 5) Protein interaction network of the protein-only RNase P PRORP1 in Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondria[more]

Joint Meeting LabEx MitoCross LabEx NetRNA- SAB Meetings

From November 20, 2014 until November 22, 2014

The fifteen teams of the two Laboratories of Excellence MitoCross and NetRNA will meet for a common scientific meeting to promote scientific exchanges and to foster collaborations between the...[more]

Joint seminar LabEx MitoCross and LabEx NetRNA

November 7, 2014
From 11:00 until 12:30

Prof. Nenad Ban (from ETH Zürich) will give a seminar entitled "Beyond prokaryotic ribosome" In the seminar room of the IBMC, the 7th of November 2014, at 11 am. >>Read more[more]

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