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Passed events

MitoCross Seminar by Cyrille MEGEL

March 13, 2015
IBMC seminar room

Cyrille MEGEL  (team 3)RNS family : a new group of plant tRNA endonucleases[more]

IBMP Seminar by Ralph BOCK

February 6, 2015
From 09:15 until 10:15
IBMC seminar room

Ralph BOCK Director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam-Golm, Germany, and Professor at the University Potsdam Title of seminar  Genes gone wild: Experimental...[more]

MitoCross Seminar by Loukmane KARIM

January 23, 2015
From 16:00 until 17:00
IBMC seminar room

Loukmane KARIM (team 6) Sub-mitochondrial organization of human aspartyl-tRNA synthetase and its connection to LBSL disease[more]

MitoCross Seminar by Ayoub BOUCHOUCHA

December 12, 2014
From 16:15 until 17:15
IBMC- seminar room

Ayoub BOUCHOUCHA (team 5) Protein interaction network of the protein-only RNase P PRORP1 in Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondria[more]

Joint Meeting LabEx MitoCross LabEx NetRNA- SAB Meetings

From November 20, 2014 until November 22, 2014

The fifteen teams of the two Laboratories of Excellence MitoCross and NetRNA will meet for a common scientific meeting to promote scientific exchanges and to foster collaborations between the...[more]

Joint seminar LabEx MitoCross and LabEx NetRNA

November 7, 2014
From 11:00 until 12:30

Prof. Nenad Ban (from ETH Zürich) will give a seminar entitled "Beyond prokaryotic ribosome" In the seminar room of the IBMC, the 7th of November 2014, at 11 am. >>Read more[more]

2014 MitoCross Summer School for PhD students

From July 1, 2014 until July 2, 2014
From 08:30 until 18:00

A summer school entitled “Mitochondria: an organelle for lifel” will take place in Strasbourg the 1st and 2nd of July 2014, at the Collège Doctoral Européen. This summer school is proposed under the...[more]

The 1st Scientific meeting of the LabEx MitoCross

November 25, 2013
From 08:45 until 17:00

« The 1st Scientific meeting of the LabEx MitoCross » will take place Monday the 25th of November 2013 at the Collège Doctoral Européen.   The program is available here[more]

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