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Passed events

Webinar by Prof. Shin-Ichi ARIMURA, Tokyo University

May 7, 2021
Léon Hirth conference room | IBMP

Genome editing for plastid and mitochondrial genomes by Prof ARIMURA  from the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences hosted by José Gualberto His group is very efficiently using...[more]

ITI IMCBio Inauguration

April 23, 2021
From 13:30 until 14:30

Inscription Inauguration program of the Thematic Interdisciplinary Institute of Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology 1-    Welcome introduction: the overall project, challenges,...[more]

Soutenance de Thèse de Mickaële HEMONO

April 19, 2021
Salle de Conférence Léon Hirth, IBMP, Strasbourg

Étude des protéines de la famille « clustered mitochondria » (CLU) dans les cellules animales et les plantes : rôle dans la biogenèses mitochondriale RésuméLa mitochondrie a de multiples fonctions...[more]

Journal Club by Christopher FITZPATRICK (Santiago, Chile)

February 11, 2021

Mitochondrial ncRNA targeting induces cell cycle arrest and tumor growth inhibition of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells through reduction of key cell cycle progression factors. doi:...[more]

Seminar by Prof.Yoav ARAVA (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) invited by Prof. H. BECKER

April 6, 2020

New mRNA binding proteins provide new ways to regulate gene expression[more]

Seminar by Dr Florent WALTZ, Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie, Bordeaux

December 20, 2019
IBMP, salle de conférence Léon Hirth

Cryo-EM 101: approaches and applications to mitochondrial complexes[more]

IMCBio seminar by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus PFANNER (University of Freiburg)

November 20, 2019
Collège Doctoral Européen, Strasbourg

Mitochondrial machineries for import and assembly of proteins by N. Pfanner from the Center for Biological Signalling StudiesInstitute of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyUniversity of Freiburg,...[more]

Soutenance de Thèse de Sylvain DEBARD

September 27, 2019
IPCB, Salle 327

Title : Molecular dynamic of the methionyl tRNA synthetase and its novel non-canonical functions in yeast S. cerevisiae Jury  RapporteursPr. Michael IBBA,  Ohio State University, USAPr....[more]

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